“Elysium is safety, Elysium is home, Elysium is Life”

// Audio Log 82.a.2k // TheLawOffi.rec //

I like to come here. Even when it rains. well.. “Rains” aint the right word for it. More like drain-pipe-recycled-water-piss-rain, but that don’t sound to nice, so we tend to stick to rain.
But anyway – I like to come here. to the lower part of mid-town. The Back-Alley. An old-timey sort of place, a run down, smelly, dirty ramen bar. Mmh, gotta love that smell of mystery meat boiling over with a spice blend and perfumed water.
Know the people here very well too. They all smile when they see the uniform. They see me as a Sentinel, a hero. They’re wrong. Sorta..

At any rate. Here in Midtown, everything happens. An immense contortion of crime, trade, love, hate and ramen.. mmh.
The streets are full of lights and life.
And if you look hard enough, you can find anything you need.

Been at this life way too long. Killed a lot of people, saved some too.
But im tired of corporate law. Justice for the few, poverty and death for the rest.
Damn shame.
Seen terrible things aswell.. Yesterday Shade got shot.

He went down to deal with the growing Muty problem in Low-town, told them he should’nt have gone without me. As if they listen. Kid was too brave for his own good. Brave and stupid… bad combo. Still though. good kid.

Im thinking about getting out before this all goes south.
Word is that low-town is starving. all the while, those damn High-town folks eat for ten people each. Mid-town could be the next to suffer.. It aint right.. It just aint.

This is why I hate coming here. Thinking too damn much.

Hey Quincy! Get me that bottle o’scotch! the one in the back!



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