The End of the World. - as we knew it.

Back in the way-back-when-times, it seemed as if {The End} loomed around every corner.
It could have come in many a form.
{Pollution}, alien invasion, {Mole-people}, meteor rain, flooding, disease and of course – {War}.
No one could have predicted what happened though, at what seemed to be the very pinnacle of human technological and mechanical engineering, the very earth seemed to betray us.
As a body would raise and lower temperatures to get rid of a virus, the earth ensued a cataclysmic series of events, tectonic tore, ripped and smashed against each other, which in turn led to rising seas drowning many a helpless populace.
In other parts of the world, volcanic eruptions claimed entire countries as others were obliterated in what seemed as a merciless of the combined might of every thunder-God. In a vast sequence of lightning storms, sky tears and razors winds, most of the modern world fell to rubble.
And as the last vestiges of survivors struggled to survive in such harsh climates, none alive today know what fate has befallen them.

Through the simple human act of neglect, the Earth itself turned against {Humanity}.
And nearly destroyed all the young race had fought to create in one foul swoop.

But almost as if they had prepared for it, a series of international companies, emerged as a rogue nation-state called Elysium.
The had, for many years before, during the Great Resource Wars, earned an insurmountable amount of money off war profiteering, in each of their respectable ways. an pooled it into one super-organisation.

In secret, these companies known as: Crimsec, Anima, Core, Crytech and Arch had been working on Project Elysium, and had built the worlds first and maybe only Megacity.

Since it is located on the on the site of an anchient civilisation, Babylon, they CEO’s promtly decided to call the newly reformed continent New Babylonia

The End of the World. - as we knew it.

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